Monday, February 1, 2010

Starting Small

The best thing about changing your habits and your lifestyle into a healthier one is to start small. Anytime, you feel like you are giving up everything or sacrifcing, you more than likely will not be successful. So start each week with another goal. For instance, week 1, try to cut down your soda intake by 1 to 2 soda's a day. Week 2 try to get outside and walk or do some type of activity two more times a week. Week 3, try at least one new vegetable and one new fruit. You never know what you're going to realize you like! Now these are just examples, you can adapt this anyway you want. The main idea is you do not have to empty all your cabinets and eat tofu and yogurt all day. I have started the weight watchers again and this time Chip is joining me, and this is one of the main things I love about the program. It is all about choices. You can eat what you want within reason, you just need to make the choice if that food is worth more points that you will not be able to use later in the day. And of course as Holly talked about, exercise actually gains you points because you burn off some of the calories you took in. Exercise doesn't have to be running 5 miles or kickboxing, it can be as simple as walking the dog for 45 minutes or so. I did really good with this once before and then I am ashamed to say, I fell off the wagon and succumbed to the holidays and the winter not wanting to get out of the house because it is too cold thoughts. After my last visit to the doctor and with my future cruise, it is time to get my butt back in shape. I will keep you guys updated on our progress.......if Chip can do it, anyone can do it! :)


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